They kill us instead of the 

The ones with the guns

They frame us  

Whether or not they believe

That we are innocent and free

No justice, no peace

As we March in the streets 

They deny us our rights

And wonder why we want to fight 

Trying to find inner peace throughout tragedy 

Trying to find peace within

Our communities 

Trying to find a place we can call home

While feeling like we don’t belong

But we still try 

They wonder why we “choose” to remember 

We can’t forget

It’s still happening every day

Injustices done 

Non-POC screaming “but you’re not the only ones!!”

Do we get the same treatment? 

When we go for the same job

Do they look at your hair and say you can’t keep it? 

“Change it”

“Make it look “normal” 

Says the teacher

“Talk this way” 

“Look like this”

But little do they know

Being ourselves is the greatest bliss 

Black women punished for pleading self defense 

Will the hatred ever end?

Maybe for some but not many

One day when some of them are in the cemetery 

But It will be too late

We will never give up

We will only become stronger

Through the pain and the sorrow

We will find justice

We will find peace

No matter how long it takes

We WILL fight for our rights

We won’t stop marching

We won’t stop speaking

WE won’t stop demanding

What is rightfully ours 

And that is just LIFE

To LIVE freely and fearlessly

And end the way we are treated carelessly*