Reading Work is a nonlinear form.

Reading Work ties together a daily practice of reading as compensated labor in tandem with art production, group conversations and other contemplations. The making of the work is structured around the outreach to individuals of every level of our society; including those impacted by the carceral system, artists, organizers, actors, writers and complex thinkers and makers who are already engaged with a multitude of transformative world making practices. The project also holds space for those who simply wish to be in dialogue and respond with the reading materials and the site’s content.

An intentional gathering of artists met over the course of a year as part of the first season of Reading Work. Their conversations are central to the project and their engagement is consistent. This particular clip features Xaviera Simmons and Jesse Erin discussing Abolition for the People: The Movement for a Future Without Policing & Prisons By Colin Kaepernick (editor).