Imagine living in a world of a systematical society that promises every human to be free ,  but enslaved to almost every political advance and political power. Some may call it home of the brave , some may call it a melting pot full of diversity and history , some may even go as far to say “ The Land Of The Free “ . But when you actually think of each battle that we are compelled with facing daily . What  and who world are we actually living in ? Through out American history we have always been faced with the tragedies of fighting war in our homeland and abroad . As each war arises we are taught to expect change and proper protocol to come about . What happens when elected officials fail to meet the promises they have rendered to each human . While reading New York Times bestseller “ We Do This Til They Free Us “ by Mariame Kaba , I have been able to dissect and understand that the fight is not just in my backyard but in every yard near and far . I have also grew to understand the liberations of how necessary the redefining of our constitutional and historical knowledge needs to be changed .  Not just for this generation but hence those that are coming , That’s while we shall and will cause these type of conversations until we FREE US !