Inside “Are Prisons Obsolete?“ published in 2003 by Angela Y. Davis challenges humanity and humanitarian law. Angela Y. Davis paints a vivid yet, thought provoking picture of the justice system at large. In particularly, Davis focus on the intersectionality of people race, sex, class and gender as it relates to the untied states of America.  Davis touches on many issues and conservations that should be discussed further as a global community throughout her book. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere (King)” said the late Great Dr. Martin Luther King. Davis in “Are Prisons Obsolete?” challenges the reader right away to compare and contrast the world with and without the concept of the prison system by stating “The prison system is considered so natural that it is extremely hard to imagine life without it (Davis 10)”.

Over the past year I have been reading lots of mental health books, images and articles to view different perspectives on how others view the world. The Caged bird on my head stuckI decided to use Francescoch image of “A man with open birdcage over his head, surreal freedom concept“ in order to show the irony of how something that was meant to be so free can also be caged Once caged in it becomes harder  to imagine what life is like without the cage. There are many physiological barriers when inmates leave prison it sometimes feels like they are caged. think freely Never stop close that cage.