A New Miranda

Our system was designed to segregate, diminish, and destroy what it means to be human for  people of color. To be honest, people of color; any color, are not seen as human beings, but as threats to a world designed to imprison what they fear. People of color are viewed as animals, objects to own, and  who we should fear starting with children of color. 

The system of slavery that was supposed to have ended centuries ago, is alive today with the  prison system, the justice system, and the system of the world as a whole. The prison system was created to punish and rehabilitate, the justice system was created to be fair for everyone except people  of color, and the system of the world ultimately ends in a life of segregation. The three systems as a  whole destroys a person’s worth; diminishing who they are as a person. 

Let’s look at scenarios that occurred with people of color. Cyntoia Brown; a young girl defending  and protecting herself, sent to prison. Breonna Taylor; killed in her home by the police after a raid.  Victims of police brutality for being a person of color. The list is too long to mention. The outcome would  have been different if every single person that has suffered or died by the hands of the world system  was NOT a person of color. 

Racism and prejudice are alive with each generation because it is taught in various degrees, yet  all harmful. A power is given to the police forces and is arbitrarily used with racism and prejudice as it’s  foundation. The people that were taught to feel and view people of color as animals and as a threat  should not be allowed to hold these positions or any position of control. This would be a step towards  ending systemic racism and allowing all people of color the rights and resources to use their voices and  live their lives where they can both feel safe and be free.